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In a sea of mechanized options, Champion Woodwork offers an extraordinary alterative: Hand craftsmanship. Champion grips are shaped with artistic inspiration and hand tools such as file, rasp, and sandpaper, making each a unique piece of art. The beauty of natural wood and old-world crafting methods harmonize perfectly with the classic 1911 design.

Innovative "Champion-pattern" 1911 grips feature asymmetrical contours that create more surface area to distribute recoil forces and increase control. "Classic style" 1911 grips are also available. Additional exclusive designs such as "Target" grips are crafted on occasion as inspiration dictates.

Champion Woodwork specializes in woods rarely used in pistol grips. Apple wood from old homesteads represents the pioneering spirit of America. Pacific northwest native woods reveal unexpected beauty. Traditional American woods like maple and walnut are also represented. No dye or wood stain, just simple finishes to let the natural beauty shine through.

Champion Woodwork custom grips distinguish your 1911 with individuality and soul. Crafted freehand to a common design idea, each set has its own marvelously divergent character. Take pride in owning something special and unique, made with care by the hands of a local American craftsman.

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