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Champion Woodwork 1911 grips are crafted to fit Colt Government type pistols and in-spec clones.


Modern 1911s can feature options that interfere with traditional grips. Examples include non-spec screws which cannot fit the holes, extended control levers which don't clear the top, and ambidextrous safety levers which require a relief cut. Even the edges, radii, and lines on a 1911 grip frame can vary slightly between manufactuers. A normal part of custom grip manufacture is fitting and modification to compensate for these common variables.


If your 1911 is not an in-spec GI model, or you are not sure, please contact me before ordering so we can determine if any modifications may be required.



While Champion grips are fitted to a traditional pistol, they do not follow the style elements of standard grips. That would be boring.


"Champion-pattern" grips feature comfortable asymmetical contouring, and are the unique design of Champion Woodwork. This pattern has a mild arcing/angled thumb shelf on the left side, a finger channel on the right, and full lower areas. The upper area design allows for more downward pressure to control the weapon, while aiding in consistient hand placement. The robust lower areas create more surface area to distribute recoil forces, without affecting the encircling thumb and fore finger or increasing trigger reach.

All Champion-pattern grips are for right handed users unless otherwise noted. Left handed custom orders can be crafted at no additional charge. Many customers find the Champion-pattern grips comfortable in either hand.


"Classic style" grips feature the traditional vertically straight, horizontally rounded contour typical to the original 1911 design. In some cases, Champion classic style grips are slightly fuller for better hand feel and recoil distribution.


Champion grips do not normally feature a bevel or pin cut at the bottom, and usually have slightly softened lines.


Slenderizing, extended lever cuts, ambi safety cuts, rounded ("melted") edges, pin cuts, mag release rebates, and bottom bevels are all available options. In many cases, these options can be applied to existing Champion grips as well as custom orders.





On the left, Champion standard bottom. On the right, a custom order with a pin cut and a bottom bevel.
On the left, traditional Classic style grips. On the right, ergonomic Champion-pattern grips.
On the left, Champion-pattern grips with standard thumb shelf. On the right, Champion-pattern grips rebated for rapid magazine release access.
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